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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mixed Martial Arts Pod Cast

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This mixed martial arts website has added a new feature podcast so now you have the abilty now to not only read about mixed mariral arts but listen to it as well.

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Remember when in doubt knock em out

Monday, July 16, 2007

UFC Fighter Salaries

As popularity continues to grow with the UFC, so do the pay-per-view and gate totals. However, are the fighter’s salaries rising at a slower rate?

In 2006, the UFC reportedly made, in the neighborhood of, 223 million dollars from pay-per-view events. Those numbers are an incredible accomplishment for a sport thought to be a league of goons. With the sport of Mixed Martial Arts blowing up the way it has, the pay-per-view numbers for 2007 could destroy the 223 million from 2006...

the rest of this mma articles can be found at fighting-mma.com

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ignorance Is Bliss

A hard right connects with the left side of the jaw. In slow motion the jaw appears to temporarily leave the socket and then relocate itself. Who would want that? Some say, MMA fighting is a ridiculous sport filled with a bunch of goons with no real talent; while true fight fans know the training these fighters put in leads to great talent and by no means are these guys just a bunch of jar-heads.

Sure, the most talented fighter doesn’t always win, which brings luck into the ring. Take the Matt Serra, George St. Pierre fight. One slip turned into a champion getting pummeled. That was luck not goonery. When St. Pierre picked apart Matt Hughes in their second go around it was pure talent, which created that performance. For people to walk around and say MMA fighting is a ridiculous sport for goons, it’s just as ignorant as calling a poker player an athlete.

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