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Thursday, February 26, 2009

MMA Explosion in 2009 Part I

by Wayne Squibbs MMA Staff Writer

Many people think fight fans who were disillusioned with the lame bouts, plethora of 'world' champions, and corrupt internal politics associated with boxing, have noticed something else going on - a new sport which produces fierce, watchable, hand-to-hand combat.

'They' are talking, as they always do, and they're saying that MMA has seduced those fans, and in so doing, raised the last nail for the coffin of boxing, ready to give the final hammering.

Maybe. But maybe not. In the sports section of regional and national newspapers, world class boxing still commands full-page features, whereas MMA generally doesn't feature at all. Televised news broadcasts retain a similar format.

Of course, MMA and boxing are not mutually exclusive, and a good number of fight fans are happy to watch either. Indeed, part of the reason for the surge in popularity of MMA could well be because boxing fans were already disillusioned even before the first Ultimate Fighting Championship back in November 1993

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wheres Kimbo Slice Been?

By MMA Writer Brian Church


My feeling is that Kimbo came in, made his millions, got embarrassed, came back to reality and then got smart and disappeared. I would like to think he has gone back to his birth name, crawled in a cave and is eating a big slice of humble pie. But that doesn’t fit his personality. I’ll give him credit as a business man. He made a lot of money in a short time by doing very little. Some of it was a bit uncalled for, but when there is a demand you may as well supply the merchandise. As a fighter…..he was pathetic. SO, may questions still remains….where is Kimbo?

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Sustainable Olympics 2010 Games

The Sustainable Olympics

The Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Games (VANOC) has set out six corporate-wide sustainability performance objectives based on its winning bid commitments, the best management practices of other Organizing Committees and leading sustainability firms, and from input from sustainability experts, key partners and stakeholders. The six objectives relate to:

  1. Accountability
  2. Environmental Stewardship and Impact Reduction
  3. Social Inclusion and Responsibility
  4. Aboriginal Participation and Collaboration
  5. Economic Benefits
  6. Sport for Sustainable Living

A notable feature of the Environmental Stewardship and Impact Reduction goal involves designing and building the physical venues where the games will unfold. Through smart site selection, venue design and sustainable procurement, VANOC is raising the bar on "eco-efficiency" operations. By minimizing consumption of energy, water and construction materials and minimizing waste and emissions, the games organizers are seeking to eliminate negative environmental impacts. Those that cannot be avoided will be rehabilitated or offset.

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Monday, February 09, 2009

Josh Koscheck vs Paulo Thiago UFC 95 Fight

Josh Koscheck (-410) vs Paulo Thiago (+330)

Josh Koscheck has been on a tear in the UFC and this will be his fourth fight in the 10 months. So even if he wanted to take time off he can’t because he fights so soon after one another. He hasn’t even the time to take Thiago lightly.

Most UFC bettors would think of laying a small amount on the underdog in this fight but there are better dog picks to wager on for this UFC fight card. Koscheck is always in shape and because he fights so frequently he has stayed at a high level for a while. There is not much that can hurt Koscheck and his wrestling game nullifies a lot good grapplers.

The best bet to make for this fight is a UFC prop bet for this fight to go the distance. Five of Koscheck’s last seven fights have come by decision. He is a great fighter but will try to avoid the clinch and stay on the outside against Thiago to score points because Koscheck does not want to get into a grappling fight with Thiago because he has very good leg locks. The best bet would be to find a UFC sportsbook that will take UFC props and Parlay bets.

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UFC 95 Fight Prediciton Marquardt vs Gouveia

Nate “The Great” Marquardt (-260) vs. Wilson Gouveia (+210)

The problem is that Marquardt has never fought someone as big and strong as Gouveia. His ground game is very finesse and but both guys are BJJ Black Belts so they cancel each other out on the ground. If Marquardt tries to a fancy sweep or tries to pull guard Gouveia will either posture or post out and get out. He will also have a big strength advantage. Is Marquardt’s ground game better? Yes but Gouveia has enough to neutralize whatever Greg Jackson has in store for him.

Wilson Gouveia is now in shape from all reports and he has upped his fighting at American Top Team. This was a question in the past but not from all scouting reports. Gouveia has been training hard for almost 4 months now and he will surprise many. The odds are too good and as a UFC sports bettor this underdos fight is too good to pass up. At +210 this is great UFC underdog bet to make. Bettors are getting good value for a powerful striker.

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UFC 95 Demian Maia vs Chael Sonnen Anaylsis

Josh Koscheck (-410) vs Paulo Thiago (+330)

Striking wise Chael Sonnen is a very good striker and he will be able to keep his distance by backing up Maia who is not a very good striker at all. Up against the cage is where Sonnen fights the best. He will be able to use his size and power to hold Maia on the cage and land punches. Chael Sonnen has superior wrestling power but he will not use his wrestling for takedowns, He will instead use his power to keep the fight standing

Bottom Line: I see Sonnen being able to stuff Maia’s shot attempts and being able to land punches on Maia. Sonnen is a fighter that can test Maia and he can pressure him to making him make a mistake in the standup. We have yet to see Maia’s chin tested and Sonnen is a person that can KO the smaller less powerful fighter. Maia is not a strong or big fighter, he relies mostly on technique.

If Sonnen can take him off his game plan I can see an upset. He is no joke as he is the current WEC middleweight champion. To me, at +215 it is worth the risk to bet on the underdog in this fight. I love Maia as a fighter but to me he is still unproven and I see a big upset.

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UFC 95 Sanchez vs. Stevenson Fight Preivew

UFC 96 main event fight preview

I like Stevenson as a fighter but he will be outmatched in this fight by a bigger stronger fighter. I see this fight being dominated by Sanchez from the start of the bell to the very end. My best bet is for this fight to go to a three round decision.

I would be all over this UFC prop bet. I would also do a UFC parlay bet for the fight to go all three rounds and for Sanchez to win the fight by a three round decision. UFC sports betting wise Sanchez at -300 is not worth the price but he will win this fight. If you have money to bet I would be all over this bet. I really don’t see Stevenson beating Sanchez at all.

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