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Saturday, August 30, 2008

North South Choke, MMA, Judo, Wrestling, BJJ

North South Choke, MMA, Judo, Wrestling, BJJ: "In my recent analysis of the ground game (for, of all things, a commentary on our national Judo program!), I had to review a lot of footage of MMA, Judo, Wrestling, and BJJ. I was timing transition speed and frequency, and I noticed an odd trend that I thought I would share with you all."

In my recent analysis of the ground game (for, of all things, a commentary on our national Judo program!), I had to review a lot of footage of MMA, Judo, Wrestling, and BJJ. I was timing transition speed and frequency, and I noticed an odd trend that I thought I would share with you all.

There are exactly three places you can go from side mount if you want to stay on the ground:

1) You can move to half guard, sacrificing your advantage for a stable striking platform on one side. This can be done almost at will, but it is only situationally good

2) You can attempt a full mount, the lowest percentage play, but one that gives you a massive advantage if you succeed. This will often stall out until you get stood up or the round ends

3) You can commit to a North-South transition with good frequency... over THREE TIMES more N-S attempts make a successful transition when compared to the percentage of full mount attempts. This is one of the least utilized positions in MMA, according to my studies.

Perhaps it is a lack of understanding and training that keeps fighters from transitioning to North-South. The fighters who have the most success with this position tend to be high level wrestlers, such as Randy Couture and Jeff Monson. But a few months of training will give any professional MMA fighter options here.

Jason Scully over at Grappler's Guide has written an excellent article on the technical aspects of the North-South choke (found right here on Fighting-MMA: http://www.fighting-mma.com/ufc-betting-information/mma-training/north-south-choke/ ), and both the Anaconda and Kimura are fairly well documented, so I won't get into the nuts and bolts of North-South mechanics in this article. Instead, let me talk about all of the reasons that fighters should strive to add this position to their toolbox.

Read full post at http://www.fighting-mma.com/articles/2008/the-north-south-option.php

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Affliction Banned Salaries, Fedor Emelianenko, Mixed Martial

Affliction Banned Salaries, Fedor Emelianenko, Mixed Martial: "Affliction Banned Salaries for Fedor Emelianenko the Last Emperor and other mixed martial arts betting information for the MMA clothing brand that rivals the UFC for online sports bettors"

Affliction Banned was a great success and they have released the fighters pay salaries for all the fighters. The owners of Affliction promised that they would treat and pay their fighters much better than their rivals at the UFC.

Dana White has historically kept the fighters salaries low despite making record profits. Now that the numbers have been released there might be a huge exodus of fighters that want to get paid for that they are worth.

Everyone knows that the UFC have continually kept fighters salaries low as they have had a virtual monopoly on the MMA industry. If this trend continues that the UFC might have to start paying market value for their fighters.

For example at UFC 76 - Knockout in the main fight between UFC star Chuck Liddell and Keith Jardine, Liddell was paid $500,000 while Jardine only earned $14,000 for the fight. The total payroll for the event was $954,000 (though 68 percent of it went to Liddell and Shogun Rua). UFC 76 had 475,000 pay per view buys at 40 bucks a pop which means that the UFC made around 19 million for the event yet they only spent just under a million on fighter salaries. That is not including the gate tickets sales, merchandise, and reale valueof hte event on either television or DVD sales.

With the hopes of a real threat to the UFC, Affliction is hoping to get better talent and paying the fighters better which is good for the fighters and not the multination corporation of Zuffa that are trying to exploit the fighters who work their whole lives and sacrifice everything not to get paid properly.

So congratulations to Affliction for sticking up for the fighters and paying them for what they are worth. The godo thing is that even though Justin Levens and Ray Lizama did not fight at the event they were still compensated. Lets see Dana White do this.

Lets hope the UFC starts to pay people for what they are worth.

Below are the final salary numbers for Affliction Banned. The following are the Fighter Salaries and Bonuses Paid for the Affliction: Banned card. This list courtesy of CSAC and SI.com:

Affliction: Banned Fighter Salaries and Bonuses





Tim Sylvia




Fedor Emelianenko




Mark Hominick




Savant Young




Terry Martin




Vitor Belfort




Joseph Ambrose




Mike Pyle




Edwin Dewees




Antonio Nogueira




Matt Lindland




Fabio Nascimiento




Mike Whitehead




Renato Sobral




Pedro Rizzo




Josh Barnett




Andre Arlovski




Ben Rothwell




*Justin Levens




*Ray Lizama




Paul Buentello




Gary Goodridge




TOTALS $2,866,000





  • *Justin Levens and Ray Lizama did not fight. There total pay was negotiated.
  • More than likely there was some additional pay for Fedor Emilianenko that was paid prior to the card (signing bonus, Apparel payments, PPV Bonuses are some possible payments that wouldn’t be included in CSAC numbers) that would increase his pay significantly.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

UFC 88 Matt Brown vs Dong Hyun Kim

UFC 88 Matt Brown vs Dong Hyun Kim: "Matt Brown (7-6) was supposed to be one of the best fighters in the seventh season of The Ultimate Fighter television series"

No idea why Matt Brown is back in the UFC but he will be fighting a very tough Korean fighter in Dong Hyun Kim (10-0-1) who is undefeated at 10-0 with one draw. Kim is a very heavy handed fighter who gained recognition in 2007 after knocking out DEEP welterweight champion Hidehiko Hasegawa in a non-title bout. Not only does Kim have very good striking but he is also vet good on the ground.

Matt Brown is basically a bar fighter with some grappling experience. He is a blue belt under UFC underachiever instructor Jorge Gurgel. If he is learning grappling under Gurgel he is most likely not learning proper technique and fundamentals. This is best exemplified by his lack of technique when he got submitted by Amir Sadollah, a person with no MMA ring experience.

read rest of the preview


Global demand for innovations to help combat climate change presents new opportunities for developers and marketers of clean energy and purification technologies. Many Canadian companies are answering the demand and finding ­success in niche markets.

Climate change worries, high oil prices and increasing government support are fuelling soaring rates of investment in the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries, according to a trend analysis from the UN Environment Programme. Growing consumer awareness of renewable energy and energy efficiency - and their longer-term potential for cheaper energy, not just greener energy - is another fundamental driver, the report said.

To that effect, environmentally friendly technologies are being developed to address a myriad of global challenges, including the need for alternate fuel sources, better drinking water treatment, and air and soil quality improvements.

Investment in the cleantech space is indicative of the increased attention to green innovation -- venture capital investment alone in this category has been estimated at $5 billion. Therefore, the advancement of these technologies is of significant interest to business and the ­public at large.

Canada’s environmental sector is tough to quantify, primarily because many companies that develop clean technologies, equipment and services conduct only part of their operations within the sector.

GLOBE Foundation of Canada, a private non-profit institution that helps the Canadian environmental industry capitalize on international opportunities, estimated, in 2004, that the sector’s core comprised 10,000 companies and 250,000 employees doing close to $30 billion worth of business.

By 2007, a study by ECO Canada, the Sector Council for environmental industries, concluded that about 530,400 people were working either full-time or part-time on environmental activities.

Canadian international trade in environmental machinery and equipment to all countries in 2006 totalled $7.3 billion in exports and $10.9 billion in imports, primarily to and from the United States.

Around the world, GLOBE estimates environmental business to form a trillion dollar global market.

Growing demand for cleantech

"Changing public attitudes both in Canada and around the world are creating new demand for environmentally sound solutions in coming years," says Dr. John Wiebe, President and CEO of GLOBE. "And many Canadian environmental companies are helping other Canadian and international businesses to be more environmentally responsible and sustainable."

One such company is Smartsoil Energy of Quebec. Marketing Manager Annie Boulanger’s job centers around explaining the company’s sophisticated landfill gas-to-energy conversion capabilities.

Smartsoil Energy recently completed a successful installation at a landfill in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, where their technology will aid in the collection of gases created by waste decomposition. These gases will be cleaned and fed into a generation station. The end product: 6.4 megawatts of electrical power and 212,000 tons of equivalent carbon credits each year, which can be then sold on the market.

"Everybody wins with this type of installation," says Boulanger. "Not only are harmful gases transformed, but the output converts into electricity, which benefits the entire surrounding community."

The Ciudad Juarez project is one of two that Smartsoil Energy is currently contracted to install in Mexico. A second is scheduled to be put in place near Cancun. And the company is in the advanced stages of negotiations to sell two more. Smartsoil Energy’s new technologies have entered the market at a good time.

Growing public consciousness regarding the planet’s environmental challenges is creating new opportunities for many Canadian players. The company’s sales have already breached the $5 million mark. Created in 2002, the company has seen its employee base grow from 12 last year to more than 25. By 2009 that total is expected to double again.