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Friday, November 21, 2008

UFC Puts The Squeeze On Jon Fitch

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Has UFC president Dana White gone too far this time in his totalitarian ways to control UFC fighters? Dana White can squeeze water from a rock but have his cheap way hurt they organization he so proudly built?

The UFC and Dana White have always had a tight control on their fighters which is starting to have drastic effects on the company. Despite record profits, the organization continues to underpay their fighters as the organization wants to control every aspect of the fighter lives outside the octagon

Cutting Jon Fitch from his UFC contract says the UFC might have stepped over the line this time with their controlling ways.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

MMA Handicapping Prediction Jorge Gurgel versus Aaron Riley

UFC 91 prediction for Jorge Gurgel versus Aaron Riley MMA lightweight fight.

Gurgel does not have the power in the stand up to hurt Riley who is a very aggressive and powerful striker and he will put a TKO in the first or second round on Gurgel. Bet heavily on a Riley KO in this fight. Put it this way; are you scared of Jorge Gurgel? I didn’t think so.

Betting wise Gurgel always comes into the fight as a favorite and he ends up losing. He is not a good fighter and has no business being in the UFC. Take advantage of betting against him before his UFC contract is taken away.

Once the betting lines come out for this fight I would bet everything I have on this fight for a Aaron Riley win

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UFC 91 Demian Maia versus Nate Quarry Fight Preview

UFC 91 Demian Maia versus Nate Quarry Fight Preview:

UFC 91 Demian Maia versus Nate Quarry fight preview in the UFC 185 pound middleweight division

The current lines have Maia as a huge betting favorite at -245 which is a good bet considering he is facing an average fighter in Nate Quarry who has beaten no real competition in his MMA career.

Quarry is a +175 sports betting sportsbook underdog who has decent hands but will be very over matched on the ground against a former grappling world champion.

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Saturday, November 08, 2008

UFC 91 Preview Kenny Florian vs. Joe Stevenson

UFC 91 Preview Kenny Florian vs. Joe Stevenson

UFC 91 MMA betting fight preview for the Kenny Florian versus Joe Stevenson in a lightweight 155 mixed martial arts fight.

Both fighters are equally capable of winning this fight. Florian is the better all round fighter, while Stevenson is bigger, stronger and a better grappler.

Both fighters like to push the pace of a fight, but in the end Kenny Florian will win this fight for being more aggressive.

This fight should go the distance and this would be a great prop bet to make for the fight to go all three rounds. Florian will be the aggressor and score more points and that will reflect in the judges scoring.

Florian will be the aggressor and score more points and that will reflect in the judges scoring.

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UFC 91, Randy The Natural Couture versus Brock Lesnar Preview

The biggest mixed martial arts fight in history is about to be made as there is huge excitement for this fight. Randy “The Natural” Couture (16-8) will take on his biggest challenge in fighting former WWE star Brock Lesnar for the UFC heavyweight championship.

At this point in his career Lesnar is a one dimensional fighter that can only use his size to lay on his opponent and land pot shots. Has he acquired the skills to become a full MMA fighter yet? Yes but to a certain extent. Because of his size Lesnar will pose a lot of problems for any decent MMA fighter but he has not gained the necessary experience to fight at the top level yet. Just look at his fight with Mir who is not even a top ten heavyweight. Brock Lesnar is still green when it comes to mixed martial arts and it will show against the smarter fighter

When it comes to wrestling, people think Lesnar he the advantage but it is Randy that has the advantage and is the more technical fighter. While Lesnar has more raw power and speed, Randy will be able to out wrestle Lesnar if this fight goes to the ground due to his experience. Brock just won’t be able to lay on top of Couture like how he did with Heath Herring as his wrestling background will be able to get out of those situations. We have seen Lesnar top control game but what about his defense game if Randy is able to gain top control. If Couture is able to get the top control I do not see Lesnar being about to get out.

read full preview at http://www.fighting-mma.com/mma-matchups/2008/ufc-91-betting-randy-couture-brock-lesnar.php

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Denis Kang Signs with UFC in a Four Fight Deal

One of the top mixed martial arts fighters in the world at 185 has just signed a 4 fight deal with the UFC. Denis Kang from Vancouver Canada will mostly likely make his UFC debut at UFC 94 Superbowl weekend

Denis Kang (31-10-1), is one of the best middleweights in mixed martial arts and will be looking to set his sights on Anderson Silva who has no real competition and is bored fighting at 185 in the UFC.

Kang who has fought in Pride, Dreams and is the current Spirit MC middleweight champion is very popular in Asia will make look to make his make in the US.

Kang once went three years and 23 fights without losing and in Asia he is considered a legend due to his heroic performance at the Pride Bushido Grand prix where he continued to fight despite a ripped right biceps muscle.

Kang is very excited to fight in the UFC and was quoted as saying

“When I was fighting in Pride I was proud to be a Pride fighter and I loved it,” recalled Kang. “I felt like I was really part of the Pride family, but the only thing I envied the UFC fighters was that people could watch them live and go to their fights. I can tell you that if I hadn’t been fighting for Pride, the UFC would have been my other choice.”

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