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Friday, February 02, 2007

UFC 67 Match Ups by fighting-mma.com

UFC 67 : All or Nothing Game
Anderson Silva vs Travis Lutter
Silva -400


Out of all the contestants on the Ultimate Fighter reality show Travis Lutter was far and beyond the best middle weight that could match up versus Silva. That being said there is no one in the world right now in the middle weight division that can even touch Silva. Most American don’t know how good Silva is. Once a member of the famed Chute Boxe Academy, he later left and formed the Muay Thai Dream Team. He has competed in PRIDE Fighting Championship, Shooto, and Rumble on the Rock, and holds wins over fighters such as Rich Franklin, Hayato Sakurai, Carlos Newton, and Lee Murray.

This guy is all world. Lutter one way to win is to take him to the ground and submit him. Lutter has and excellent ground game, but what many people don’t realize is that Silva is also a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which he earned in 2005 from Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira but he prefers to stand and knock people out.

In the Ultimate Fighter reality show Lutter didn’t have the cardio to beat his matches. Though he won them easily you could tell his conditioning was poor.

Bottom Line: Silva is the most dominate middle weight in the world today. He is the total package with the best stand up in the world in the middle weight category and an excellent ground game in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu while Lutter only has the ground game

Too much of everything for Lutter to handle

UFC 67 : All or Nothing Game
Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic vs. Eddie Sanchez
Cro Cop -1400

This fight is feeding the lamb to the wolves. Eddie Sanchez has no chance in hell to beat Cro Cop. Mirko was brought in to bring the UFC to the next level. He is the UFC’s future and with Cro Cop unable to defeat the top heavyweights in Pride I’m sure he wants to be a champion somewhere. But remember the top ten heavyweights in Pride could smoke any heavyweight in the UFC.

After Saturday people in North America will know who Cro Cop is. Cro Cop has unbelievable and I mean unbelievable stand up skills. And he has added to his fighting range in recent years has and has improved his ground fighting as well as his submission fighting, training with the likes of Fabricio Werdum. He has even submitted people and looks for submission when he fights. This is the next UFC heavyweight champion. Nuffsaid. I have not even look at Sanchez fighting stats or his fights but against Cro Cop it won’t matter. Sanchez is undefeated with 6 win and 0 loses but he has found no one I have every heard of and he will try to trade with Mirko and that is a MAJOR mistake

Bottom Line: Cro Cop will mow every heavyweight in the UFC down and be the next heavyweight champion.

First Round KO. Right high kick to the head; What else. This is a sure thing. Bet farm and the kids college funds

UFC 67 : All or Nothing Game
Quinton Jackson vs. Marvin Eastman
Jackson - 700

Eastman is not quite the sacrifice to the lambs as Sanchez is to the Cro Cop fight but Jackson will have to work for this match. Eastman has been a steady MMA fighter for a long time now. He has made a couple of appearances on the big UFC stage but has never been able to break through to the upper level. Eastman is currently the Elite Light heavyweight champion and has been busy fighting. He will pose a threat for Rampage but will eventually be overpowered by Jackson. Marvin has decent grounds skills but Jackson should have not trouble defending the shoot and than picking Eastman up and showing the American audience his famous slam.

Bottom Line: They don’t call him Rampage for nothing. Look for Quinton to swarm in and rain down a barrage or punches. He has the charisma and identity that Dana White wants but he will have to earn it against Eastman.

Remember the defeat when Eastman lost to Vitor Belfort, this one might be as ugly but look for it to happen in the second round

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