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Monday, September 29, 2008

UFC 89 Predictions, Shane Carwin vs. Neil Wain, UFC Betting

UFC 89 Predictions, Shane Carwin vs. Neil Wain, UFC Betting

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UFC Heavyweight fight: Shane Carwin vs. Neil Wain

Shane Carwin (9-0-0) knows that holding down two jobs can be rough. He's a full time engineer, and a full time mixed martial artist. He's a quick thinker and a force of nature. And if he weren't on the same card as Silva-Jardine at UFC 84, he probably would have earned himself a Knockout of the Night on his UFC debut!

Still, Carwin is one of the new-breed MMA fighters: A multi-talented athlete in addition to being a gym rat.

For the first couple of years of his MMA career, Shane wasn't really challenged. He fought in the lower leagues and never had a fight go past 2 minutes and 11 seconds. His team claims that he has good cardio, however the guy has never needed it. He's coached by veteran Nate Marquardt, and rolls with the folks over at High Altitude MMA in Colorado. That's a good crew, with very modern attitudes and methods. So even though he hasn't been tested to his full potential, his pedigree is high.

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