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Monday, December 22, 2008

UFC Preview Wanderlei Silva vs. Quinton Jackson

Jackson is basically a one dimensional fighter. Yes he can strike and has a lot of power but so does Silva. If he can not out strike Silva he has no other way to win. Wanderlei Silva is a better fighter now than he was in Pride, and the question is out if Jackson is mentally prepared to fight again after this loss to Forrest Griffin at UFC 86 - Jackson vs. Griffin. With a history of depression Jackson has not been acting like a fighter. If Silva is smart he will try to take Jackson to the ground and either submit him or ground and pound him out. If the fight goes this way, and I highly doubt it will, Silva will win this battle.

All UFC bettors should lay a lot of money on Silva as all sportsbook have very soft betting lines and bettors should take advantage of this fight. Silva is a better fighter with more experience, more power, a better technically striker, can kick, has better elbows, has a better clinch and is a way better grappler. Jackson is not mentally prepared and will be out of shape and can only strike.

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