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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Worldwide View of 2010 Vancouver Olympics

Being from Canada and Vancouver I am extremely proud to be Canadian and show why Vancouver is the most livable cities in the world. But despite my proud patriotism I cannot help but see how these Olympic Games but be considered the worst in history.

Take away the costs, the security and the general cost of the games. That happens with ever big event. The world is now viewing Vancouver as a third rate event with countless problems.

Despite the fact, the games are still a shining example of Canadian pride which the world should still view as a success.

As much as I like the game we are plagued with problems that i have not seen in any Olympics.

Maybe because we are in the Olympics but this seems to be the most problems I have ever heard of.

1) Opening ceremony - pillar did not rise, major mistake makes us look ghetto

2) luger dies - major mishap and our fault makes us look incompetent

3) Rain and warm weather – Cypress looks like a mud pit and images viewed all over the world and being a third rate facility

4) Ice machines don’t work in Richmond oval – causes delays in men ling track – NBC blasted us as being third rate and amateur

5) Whistler – runs cancelled – even Olympics cancels ski runs so not that big

6) Buses break down and cannot get people to Cypress – poor planning

7) 12 injured – At live concert last night 12 people injured and had to stop concert

8) Cypress – cancels standing room tickets to event

9) The torch being so far away that no one can get a good view of it

10) Stupid protesters made us look bad on worldwide TV

This has probably been one of the freest Olympics ever. Lots of cheap food, concerts as opposed other games.

Despite the entire setback it's about tourists/non-athletes having' a good time, not about how many medals are won or if some bigwig on the IOC is satisfied. Who cares about them? People will forget about that Olympic stuff long after it's gone. It's just the positive spinoffs of tourism and foreign investment we should be concerned about.

But the one thing the news media hasn't mentioned is that the tourists are very happy, and there are lots for them to do for free.

Sorry to say these might be the worst held Olympics ever, poor planning and a ton of problems.

Still no matter what I am happy they are here but not happy in how we are portrayed in the world.

Still proud to be Canadian but would like to be prouder.