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Monday, November 07, 2005

UFC on Spike TV Great Event Except for the Judges

Whats does hooker and a turtle have in common?

Once their on their back they're FUCKED

Well this applies to most things except fighting. All in all the Ultimate Fghting 2 show on Spike TV was a great show. Every fight was awesome. What I do have to complain about are ther stupid judges and fans in America that dont know anything about fighting.

The last fight between Diego Sanchez and Nick Diaz was an epic battle. Diaz was on his back and defending and striking on the ground while Diego was on top. Diego never landed a punch on the top position. By no means that this was one sided affair but Diaz lost primarly on the fact that the judges automatically think that being on the bottom in a fight means you are losing. Look at the Pride rules where you get points for defending and attempts in submission. When was Diaz in trouble? Never. He was actually upkicking and striking hard from the bottom.

Remember fighting is a chess match and an art form. Ever hreard of the sweet science of boxing. The UFC judges dont know what fighting is and a large proportion of the fans boo every time fighters go on the ground. Both the judges and fighting fans need to educate themselves in fighting before you can appreciate fighting. The fans in Japan and much around the world all appreaciate fighting and its art form. American fans would rather see two guys just stand up and pound each other till one goes down. Though I love these fights too there is more to fighting that a big punch. I love to see fighters set up submission 2 or 3 moves before they execute them. I love to see arm bars, omaplata and americanas.

I feel the event on Spike TV will progress MMA but before it can really explode fans and judges need to know the fight game better. I have to say hats off to all fighters on Satuarday night but thumbs down to the judges.

I do know what i am talking about.

I know I can beat up 80% of the population in the ring and the other 20%............ I can just shoot.