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Friday, May 25, 2007

Sports betting - Picking the Right Service

When it comes to online sports betting it is always tough to choose which online sports handicapping service you want to go with for you online sports bets or when you are making your sports picks.

There are so many handicapping service out there you must always ask yourself : Which one is the best?

I have scoured through and been working in the online sports betting industry for over 5 years now. I know a lot of the player and big names in Vegas as well as a lot of executives at various online sportsbooks and handicapping services.

On Intern sports handicapping website I found very reputable and honest (a very big key these days) is sharkhandicapping.com that are well known for their NFL football picks.

This main handicapper Mark has been in the sports betting industry for 30 years with his roots in horse racing at Santa Anita Park. The website specializes in sports picks that are updated daily for college basketball picks, NBA picks, NFL football picks, college football picks, and free baseball picks.

In addition to the regualar handicapping services www.sharkhandicapping.com offers free sports picks, VIP selections, memberships, NFL picks, NCAA college football analysis, NBA picks, NCAA basketball betting analysis, MLB baseball picks, NHL ice hockey picks, and sports tips.

I checked out most online sports handicapping services out there and this one is one of the best and most reputable out there today.