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Friday, May 25, 2007

UFC 71: Liddell vs Jackson

Source: www.fighting-mma.com

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First of all Rampage is the exact same fighter Chuck is except he throws and much heavier punch. There will be no secret in this fight as both fighters will stand toe to toe and one guy will be carried out.

The fight will play out like this: Bell rings, both fighter touch gloves. Rampage rushed in and put Chuck to the cage picks him up slams him and then process to beat Chuck until the ref stops the fight.

Bottom Line: Chuck has not fought any fighter with as much punching power as he does. If you saw the first Pride fight he did not know what to do once he found out that he has more power than him, so he retreating ended up getting beat like a rented mule.

He already beat Chuck to a pulp. Take Jackson at a +165 Underdog to win again.

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