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Monday, December 24, 2007

UFC 79: Nemesis Betting Preview

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Matt Hughes vs. Georges St. Pierre

Georges St Pierre is the perfect fighter as even DanWhite has called him the all purpose fighter. GSP has the striking, the power and upper body strengthen over Hughes. GSP just has too much power in the stand up. 5 years ago Matt Hughes was unstoppable. He just doesn’t seem to want it as much as he did before and he has other outside influences taken him away from fighting. With all that Bible talk and him talking about God rather than training, I feel Hughes has lost the will to fight and compete. Georges St Pierre becomes the interim UFC welterweight champion with a KO of Matt Hughes

Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva

Wanderlei Silva is one of the most feared strikers in the world and has fought every top level MMA fighter in the world no matter the size. Silva has been train with Team Couture in Vegas at Xtremecouture and Randy will have important inside information on how to fight Liddell. He is fighting top level fighters while training. Where is Chuck Liddell training?

Liddell throws wild punches and his hands are constantly wide and to the side. When he fights a pure striker like Silva he will not be able to handle the striking technique or power. Wanderlei will lay a beating on Chuck in the first right and at the start of the second round will punish Chuck until the ref will mercifully stop this fight.

Wanderlei will KO Liddell.

For a full UFC match up report go to http://www.fighting-mma.com/

Lyoto Machida vs. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou

Machida is more experienced and has fought tough opponents and has been in the UFC octagon before but you can not look past the raw pure talent of Sokoudjou. He is so strong and with his judo background he will be able to flip Machida for a ground and pound victory. Look out MMA fans because Sokoudjou is coming to the UFC and will make a statement

Take Sokoudjou to win in the second round by TKO on strikes due to a vicious ground and pound.

Nate Mohr vs. Manvel Gamburyan

Even though Mohr has more experience I like Gamburyan in this fight. His body type gives a lot of fighters problems and he has a good judo back ground and with that type of base he will be able extinguish Mohr’s ground and pound. Mohr will not be able to submit Gamburyan and he will be able to frustrate his game plan.

Take Gamburyan in a three round decision

Tony DeSouza vs. Roan “Jucao” Carneiro

DeSouza’s game will be to take him down and submit Carneiro down. Both of them have great Jujitsu skills but DeSouza’s BJJ will not over power Carneiro game so the fight will be won in the stand up and Carneiro has a very big advantage in this category. Both fighters are complementary and each will neutralize each other fight game but this fight will be won on the takedowns and striking

Carneiro wins a three round decision over DeSouza

For a full UFC match up report go to http://www.fighting-mma.com/mma-matchups/ufc-79-tony-desouza-roan-carneiro.php

Dean Lister vs Jordan Radev

Radev does have a punchers chance but this will be his first time in the UFC octagon in front of a large crowd and he will be fighting a world class grappler and Radev has not even fought anyone to his caliber yet. Despite Lister lack of a stand up game he has never been knocked out and he has fought some of the toughest middleweights in the world.
Lister wins by second round triangle choke