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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

MMA Handicapping Prediction Jorge Gurgel versus Aaron Riley

UFC 91 prediction for Jorge Gurgel versus Aaron Riley MMA lightweight fight.

Gurgel does not have the power in the stand up to hurt Riley who is a very aggressive and powerful striker and he will put a TKO in the first or second round on Gurgel. Bet heavily on a Riley KO in this fight. Put it this way; are you scared of Jorge Gurgel? I didn’t think so.

Betting wise Gurgel always comes into the fight as a favorite and he ends up losing. He is not a good fighter and has no business being in the UFC. Take advantage of betting against him before his UFC contract is taken away.

Once the betting lines come out for this fight I would bet everything I have on this fight for a Aaron Riley win

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