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Thursday, February 26, 2009

MMA Explosion in 2009 Part I

by Wayne Squibbs MMA Staff Writer

Many people think fight fans who were disillusioned with the lame bouts, plethora of 'world' champions, and corrupt internal politics associated with boxing, have noticed something else going on - a new sport which produces fierce, watchable, hand-to-hand combat.

'They' are talking, as they always do, and they're saying that MMA has seduced those fans, and in so doing, raised the last nail for the coffin of boxing, ready to give the final hammering.

Maybe. But maybe not. In the sports section of regional and national newspapers, world class boxing still commands full-page features, whereas MMA generally doesn't feature at all. Televised news broadcasts retain a similar format.

Of course, MMA and boxing are not mutually exclusive, and a good number of fight fans are happy to watch either. Indeed, part of the reason for the surge in popularity of MMA could well be because boxing fans were already disillusioned even before the first Ultimate Fighting Championship back in November 1993

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