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Monday, March 02, 2009

UFC 96 Jackson vs Jardine Fight Prediction

Sports betting wise I highly recommend betting a lot on the UFC underdog. Greg Jackson is the best MMA strategist in the world and just look at his past records with fighters. All of his fighters train hard and most importantly listen to his game plan. Another great bet to make is to make a UFC prop bet for Jardine to win by 3 round decision.

At 5 Dimes this UFC prop bet pays out +610. The reason why? Greg Jacksons knows Rampages has a lot of power but he has bad conditioning and if Jardine stays on the outside and use lower legs kicks he can score points and eventually get the take down. Just like in the fight between Rashad Evans and Chuck Liddell, Jardine will move laterally and stay out of Rampage's range. Only at the right moment will Jardine engage. Bet the prop and bet the money line and take the parlay bets on both for these 3 bets for very good pay out.

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