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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

New rules influence scoring - Now Hockey's better than Curling but for how long?

New rules influence scoring - Now Hockey's better than Curling but for how long?
October 11, 2005

I've been a huge hockey fan for more a long time now. Therefore, I would have been happy to have hockey back in any way, shape or form. However, my early feeling is that I like the new product on the ice. In recent seasons, I had found myself choosing to watching more curling for God sakes. I mean thats how bad the game got.

Entering Tuesday's NHL action, there have been 48 games played in the new-look NHL. I've been paying particularly close attention as to how the rule changes, and the new standard of enforcing them, have influenced scoring.

It appears that the new rules are working. Through the first week, there has been a significant increase in the number of goals scored. Let's take a closer look.

Scoring is up

Teams are taking more shots and scoring more goals. Through 48 games there have been 307 goals scored. That's an average of 6.4 goals per game. To put that in perspective, through the first week of the 2003 season, teams were averaging only 4 1/2 goals per game. The goal scoring increase has been reflected in both 'power-play' and 'even-strength' situations. Naturally, more goals have led to more comebacks. In the 'Old NHL' a lead of two goals was pretty 'safe'. Not anymore! Through 48 games we have already seen six teams overcome two-goal deficits. By comparison, only one team managed that feat during the opening week of the previous season.

Over/Under betting

During the first two nights of the season oddsmakers were reluctant to post any 'totals' of greater than six. All 18 games had totals of six or less. The teams averaged 6.33 goals per game during those two nights and the 'Over' went a tidy 10-6-1. Oddsmakers wasted little time in making an adjustment! By Friday, the third night of play, we saw our first 'total' of 6 1/2 and our last 'total' of 5 ½. . The following day we saw our first 'total' of seven. The higher 'Over/Under' lines brought immediate value to the 'Under'. From Friday through Monday, 19 of 30 games fell 'Under' the number. The ‘under’ is a slightly profitable 25-21-1 heading into Tuesday's action. The Florida Panthers have helped that mark, as they have seen all four of their games finish below the posted number. In fact, the Panthers allowed only two goals during those four games! Needless to say, Goalie Roberto Luongo, with two of the league's only three shutouts, has been extremely sharp.

The regular season games often simply weren't that exciting for me. As I mentioned above, teams rarely recovered from two-goal deficits, prior to the lockout. What was the point of watching a team like the Devils after they were already up by a pair of goals? Now, it appears that no lead is safe.

Just ask the Los Angeles Kings, who blew a 4-0 lead on opening night. I've also always despised ties. As a result, although I know most "purists" will disagree with me, I actually don't mind the shootouts either!