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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

"That's why they call it gambling!"

As the saying goes, "That's why they call it gambling!" Monday night's football and baseball games are perfect examples. For those who had the Rams at plus-13 1/2, things were looking pretty good with a 17-0 lead in the early second quarter. However, things fell apart very quickly, as the Colts won 45-28 and 'covered'.

In the NLCS, Houston and 'under' bettors were a 'lock' with Houston leading 4-2 with two outs and no one on in the 9th. A few minutes later, those tickets' were pretty much useless. It just goes to show that in sports betting, there are no right or wrong sides but rather winning and losing sides.Tuesday features no MLB or football games and the NHL has just a four-game schedule. However, don't forget to visit the Don Best purchase picks page for another $20 Tuesday and pick up our Experts' NHL selections for today. Also, some of the guys already have plays available for the upcoming weekend.

The first BCS standings were released yesterday and there were no surprises at the top, as the top-five teams in the two "human" polls (Harris and Coaches') were also the top-five in the BCS. Notre Dame, 11th and 12th in the Harris and Coaches' poll respectively, was just 16th in the BCS standings due to a 25th-place finish in the six combined computer rankings. Will it be a USC-Texas showdown in the Rose Bowl in the BCS title game? Maybe but as mentioned here yesterday, in the seven-year history of the BCS, the top two teams in the first standings have NEVER met in the title game!


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